100% Grass Fed Whipped Tallow Balm

100% Grass Fed Whipped Tallow Balm

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Two Simple Ingredients: 100% Grass-fed and Finished beef tallow, Organic Cold Pressed Olive Oil

Our Whipped Tallow Balm is fluffy, luscious, creamy and has amazing benefits / ancient skin-healing properties.

Our original is perfect for those with sensitive skin, babies, pregnant women, and can be used pretty much anywhere on the body! 

Great for sunburns, stretch marks, chronic dry skin, uneven skin, eczema, diaper rash and more!


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Customer Reviews

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Product arrived broken and I have not received a replacement. Would love to get an update on when this will happen.


Seller took almost a month to respond to messages about why my order had not been shipped. She said she would still be sending the product after a refund was issued but did not. Small businesses that create small batches may take longer to ship but it’s critical to communicate this on your website before placing the order


The moisturizer worked well on my skin and was very impressive. However, I didn't like the smell; it was a bit strange. Despite this, it effectively helped with my extremely dry skin, and I used a body oil to mitigate the scent. I ordered the product a second time, but shipping is taking a very long time. I've messaged the brand but received no response. After reading other reviews, I found that this is a common complaint. It's unfortunate, as it discourages repeat purchases.


Took over 3 weeks to get the product, they didn’t respond to my dms, emails, nothing. Once it finally arrived it dried out my skin, and gave me a breakout.


I really like this product! My skin is super hydrated for a long time after I apply it, and I've noticed an improvement with acne and texture. Love it!